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John Redman

John has always loved art and painting. So whether you are looking for an Abstract or a Modern painting to make a bold statement for your home or office environment, know that all of John Redman’s artworks are produced from his soul, and every paint stroke that is applied on canvas comes from the warmth of his heart, so you can share in his inspiration as you decorate the walls of your interiors with the positive energy that radiates from an original John Redman painting.

Studio and Gallery visits are most welcome. However, these must be restricte to Appointments only and to a maximum of 4 visitors at any one time.

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About me

John is an English Artist, born in Fleetwood, Lancashire, England. He now lives in Lexington, Kentucky U.S.A. having moved from England in 2016 to marry his Fiancé. It took a while for John and his wife Pam to find and set up a suitable home that had sufficient space for a good size studio and gallery. This was hampered by a serious illness, of which he is now fully recovered.

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Some of My Latest Work

"COSMIC" 60n x 48in

To date, this is my largest Acrylic Flow artwork. I just love painting this style as I love the colors and not knowing exactly how each painting will turn out. Each one is totally unique, and even on practice canvases using the same colors, each one turns out very different.


"FIRE STORM" 24IN x 48in

I just love using the bright colors of red, orange and yellow. they produce a stunning combination that will warm any wall, either ini the office or the home.

Firestorm 24in x 48in

"OUT OF THE DARKNESS" 36in x 24n

This is a very dramatic piece that I thoroughly enjoyed creating. the central portion is actually a very dark purple and not black.I just love how the blue contingent in the purple has blended with the yellow to produce some light green streaks.

Out of the Darkness 36in x 24in

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