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About The Artist

John Redman

Commissioned Artist

Juried Artist by the Kentucky Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet at Berea, Kentucky.

Juried Member of the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen.

Hopewell Creative Art League Member

John is an English Artist, born in Fleetwood, Lancashire, England. He now lives in Lexington, Kentucky U.S.A. having moved from England in 2016 to marry his Fiancé. It took a while for John and his wife Pam to find and set up a suitable home that had sufficient space for a good size studio and gallery. This was hampered by a serious illness, of which he is now fully recovered. 

His home studio and gallery affords excellent lighting to not only paint and exhibit his work, but also to teach raw beginners to draw and paint.

At school, he always enjoyed drawing, painting and Technical Drawing. Due to the intense requirements of Engineering studies, he was unable to pursue his art.

John took up painting again whilst he was serving in the Royal Air Force after being inspired by a good friend. It wasn’t until John became seriously interested in the early 1990’s when he joined a Painting Group and the excellent tutorship of Professional Artist Lesley Stew.

At first John concentrated on oil painting, but also enjoyed watercolors. It wasn’t until some years later he discovered the pure joy of working in pastels. This particularly medium fitted in with his style of painting at the time, and for many years afterwards.

It is painting in acrylics and the Abstract form that John really excelled in producing paintings that epitomize freedom of self-expression, by creating highly imaginative and vivid works. John uses a combination of techniques to produce the colorful and vivid patterns portrayed in this unique style.

John revels in new challenges, and loves the idea of experimenting with new styles and techniques which reflects very much in the work he produces.


Whether you are looking for an Abstract or a Modern painting to make a bold statement for your home or office environment, know that all of John Redmans artworks are produced from his soul, and every paint stroke that is applied on canvas comes from the warmth of his heart, so you can share in his inspiration as you decorate the walls of your interiors with the positive energy that radiates from an original JREDMANART painting.

Forest Fire Acrylic on Canvas

Forest Fire 60" x 48"

Once I had finished this piece, it reminded so much of trees on fire..


Society for All Artists Inaugural Member Exhibition, Methodist Hall Galleries, London, England where he was awarded a Runners-up Prize from a selection of 900 exhibits at this Exhibition.
Society for All Artists Member Exhibition, Royal Horticultural Halls, London, England
Society for All Artists. Member Exhibition, Methodist Hall Galleries, London, England
Society for All Artists Member Exhibition, Princes Hall, Aldershot, England
2019 Kennydid Gallery Midway, KY
Present. The Kentucky Artisan Center, Berea, KY.
Present. Home Grown Collectives, Southland Drive, Lexington KY
Present Kentucky Guild of Artists and Cradftsmen 116 N. Broadway, Berea, kentucky

Press Information


Harlow Gazette for his success at the 1994 Inaugural Exhibition of the Society for All Artists.


Painting “Renovation” featured in the Society for All Artists Quarterly Publication PAINT Membership Gallery

Some of My Latest Work

Heaven and Earth 10" x 24"

Heaven and Earth Acrylic on Canvas

An emotive piece depicting a portion of the Earth and sky..

Firebird 16" x 20"

Firebird Acrylic on Canvas

A very dramatic piece  that reminds me of flames flying through the air like a bird in flight.

Augustus 16" x 20"Glacier

Glacier Acrylic on Canvas

The white reminded me of an arial view of a glacier.

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